Making Your teams Meeting more productive

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Prepare for Meeting

The meeting is invited for a specific purpose. If the meeting is important, only then do you organize it because handling a meeting is so expensive. To be a productive meeting, you should proceed with four planning tasks.

  1. Clarify your purpose: A meeting is performed to exchange information, solve problems or identify challenges. So, why you are conducting it, you should make clear.
  2. Select participants for the meeting: The meeting should be formal. So, only important or suitable people should be invited
  3. Choose the venue and the time: Tell your people about the meeting place and time. You should check the environment of the room, lighting, acoustics, etc.
  4. Set the agenda: What you want to deal with in the meeting, make a written agenda and distribute it to the people. A productive agenda should include (a) the Goal of meeting (b) Greater issues important and (c) Available information to deal with the issues.

Conducting and Contributing to Efficient Meeting

The environment of the meeting should be serene and calm. For efficient meetings, as a leader, you have many responsibilities. For an effective meeting, the following points are really helpful.  

  1. Keeping the track of the discussion: Good leader keeps the meeting, point, and goal on track. He sometimes needs to guide or motivate the people.
  2. Follow agreed-upon rules: While conducting meetings, there are many rules such as mobile silence, sitting calm, forbid to make sounding yawn, etc.
  3. Encourage participation: Some participators are shy and too quiet. So, you should encourage them to give their thought.
  4. Participate actively: As a leader, you should also participate actively. You need to listen to people’s thoughts and responses.
  5. Close effective: At the end of the meeting, you should examine whether or not the meeting became fruitful. You should also use an effective closing sentence.

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