How To Improving Your Listening Skills

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Speaking much doesn’t help us to get new ideas. So, you (employer & employee) should have a habit of listening much. If you listen carefully, you will get full information and become up to date. On the other hand, if you listen poorly, you will get confused. In such a situation, sometimes, your company will get lost.

Recognizing Various Types of Listening

Basically, there are four ways of listening tactics: contend critical, emphatic, and active listening.

  1. Contend listening: Such listening doesn’t evaluate or doesn’t think critically about the speaker’s ideas. It just helps us to understand the message. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree, you will just pay attention to understanding the speaker’s utterances,
  2. Critical listening: It is related to understanding and evaluating messages. It means that with understanding, you will also use personal judgment on the speaker’s information,
  3. Emphatic listening: It is not to understand the message in-depth but to focus on how the speaker is speaking. It is the understanding of the speaker’s feelings, emotions, needs, etc.
  4. Active listening: It is all in all. In such listening, you will understand, evaluate and show your reaction. You will be conscious while listening but you will not show your business on the message. You can ask questions to the speaker and encourage the speaker with your positive body language.

Understanding the Listening Process

In listening, there are some processes. To listen effectively, you need to follow five steps:

  1. Receive: Via ear, you will receive the message. To clear listening, there should not be noise.
  2. Decoding: Then, you will understand the message.
  3. Remembering: Understanding the mes•ge is nothing if you cannot remember the message.
  4. Evaluating: Then, you will critically think about the message (What you have remembered),
  5. Responding: After evaluation, you will give a reaction to the message.

Overcoming Barriers to Effective Listening

To overcome barriers to effective listening, you should follow these guidelines:

  1. Listen carefully.
  2. Keep mobile in silence.
  3. Don’t only depend on your memory because you can forget. So, you can record on your mobile or use a recorder.
  4. You can also visualize words and make a mental picture.
  5. If you write while listening, use acronyms, lists, tables, etc.

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