Managerial Communication Syllabus | MBS First Semester

Credits: 3, Lecture Hours: 48

Managerial Communication Syllabus | MBS First Semester

Course Objectives

This course, while familiarizing students of advanced business studies with the foundational theory of business communication, offers an intensive practice of effective business communication-written, oral, verbal, and non-verbal – so that Business Graduates can apply the skills learned in their career and beyond. It helps business professionals and students improve their writing for effective written and oral communication so they will be better equipped to accomplish their educational and professional goals. While covering the primary forms of business writing (memos, positive and negative routine messages, Instant messages, cover letters, proposals, presentations, and analytical reports), the course focuses on developing clear sentences, coherent paragraphs, and well-organized documents.

The purpose is to improve business communication skills; primarily writing. Students will master the elements of business rhetoric and become adept at strategies for successfully conveying valuable knowledge and a leadership vision that persuades readers and motivates organizations. The class will strengthen skills in short exercises, and analytical writing such as business reports and proposals.

Besides orienting students to basic theories of effective communication, the course also includes a practicum component in that each student produces written projects and oral presentations, and each student receives critical feedback and individual support as well as workshop team input. Students towards the end of the semester will have to submit a completed writing portfolio that includes a range of writing assignments such as business correspondences, business reports, and a dossier for employment. The course follows the seminar model of classroom teaching, in which students participate in in-class discussions and presentations.

Course Description

This course contains understanding the foundations of business communication, writing letters, memos, e-mails, and instant messages, writing reports and proposals, oral and non-verbal communications, and preparing a dossier for employment.

Course Details

Unit 1: Understanding the Foundations of Business Communication LH 6

  • Achieving success through effective business communication
  • Communicating in teams and mastering listening and non-verbal communication
  • Communicating inter-culturally

Unit 2: Applying the Three-Step Writing Process LH 6

  • Planning business messages
  • Writing business messages
  • Completing business messages

Unit 3: Writing Letters, Memos, E-mails, and Instant Messages LH 8

  • Crafting Messages for Electronic Media
  • Writing routine and positive messages
  • Writing negative messages
  • Writing persuasive messages

Unit 4: Writing Reports and Proposals LH 8

  • Planning reports and proposals
  • Writing reports and proposals
  • Completing reports and proposals

Unit 5: Oral and Non-Verbal communications LH 4

  • Designing and Delivering Oral and Online Presentations
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Public speaking
  • Conducting and participating in meetings
  • Interviewing and getting interviewed

Unit 6: Preparing a Dossier for Employment LH 4

  • Constructing resumes (Building Careers and Writing Resumes)
  • Writing job letters (Job Application)
  • Applying and interviewing for employment

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